Ecole Circle


Dear Ecole Alumna, Ecole Alumnus,

Welcome to the Ecole Circle! In response to your interest, we previously set about creating new opportunities for our alumni. In fall 2016 and spring 2017, we exchanged intensively about various ideas. A big Thank You to everyone who shared, discussed and started to implement ideas! We now heartly welcome all alumni and alumnae to the Ecole Circle!

Would you like to remain in contact with the Ecole and other alumni/ae? To get actively involved on behalf of the Ecole, with our support and guidance? Or perhaps even to help spread the Ecole Spirit about the world? In that case, the Ecole Circle is for you. Here you can learn about the activities and opportunities offered by the Ecole Circle, and how you can take part:

Ecole Circle Meetups

The Ecole Circle Meetups are here to CONNECT & INSPIRE.

(Re)Connect with like-minded people. Use our networking platform. Share Knowledge. Make connections. Build relationships. Unite individuals. Spark inspiration. Motivate. Provoke. Excite.

The Alumni initiative is a unique platform for conscious knowledge sharing and networking between Ex-Ecolianers, Entrepreneurs, Friends and Family. It is a place for smart partnerships, long-lasting collaborations, and quality exchange across borders, setting a benchmark for future generations of ecolianers.

We will publish information about upcoming events here and on the following sites:

Would you like to initiate an Ecole Circle Meetup in your city? Contact us-we are more than happy.

The Ecole Circle Team:
Sascha Smolokovski

Ecole BnB

Are you looking for lodgings on your next trip? Or would you like to invite the world into your home, and get to know other Ecolianers? Via Ecole BnB you can connect with former students, helpers and teachers. As a host, you create a profile with information about the lodgings that you offer. As a guest, you consult the map or the list to find a free sofa or guest-bed. Then you get in contact with the host and ask if you can spend the night. We wish you much enjoyment and unforgettable encounters with Ecole BnB!

Click here to join the EcoleBnB.

Alumni Portal

Via the alumni portal, you can get in touch with other alumni/ae. You can start a discussion and share contact information, photographs and much more in a password-protected space. Here you can also access your personal Ecole alumni email address.

Would you like to help maintain the portal, and construct it in an attractive way for other alumni/ae? Could you help soup up the photo archive, the discussion platform, or another application on the portal? Contact us to discuss what you could contribute. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here you'll soon find access to the alumni portal.

Volunteer for the Ecole

Alumni can volunteer for the Ecole d'Humanité and make a valuable contribution towards our school community. Volunteers are supported throughout their commitment by Ecole staff, so that the volunteer experience can be successful for everyone involved. Volunteering for the Ecole is possible in various ways. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a volunteer, especially in one of the following areas:

Development of the Ecole Circle:
● Moderation of the alumni portal.
● Support in the facilitation of Ecole Circle Meetups.

Networking and Public Relations:
● Make a difference in letting more people know about our wonderful school in Hasliberg Goldern. Recommend the Ecole in your circle of friends and family. We are more than happy to provide you with promotional material.

School Life:
● Join our community for a period of time and help us during our school year. E.g. in the form of an Andacht, an Intensive Week or even for a whole trimester! Don't hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your ideas! We look forward to hearing from you.

A big Thank You to all Ecole volunteers!

How to Join the Ecole Circle

Would you like to join the Ecole Circle? Just write to the Ecole Circle or register on the Alumni-Portal - or simply take part in some of our events. With your active participation in events and on the portal, or with your voluntary commitment, you can help develop the Ecole Circle in all its many facets. We would also love to hear constructive feedback on how we can improve the Ecole Circle together.